Reviewing the 5 Best Auto Repair Services in Halifax

Reviewing the 5 Best Auto Repair Services in Halifax

When it comes to anything automotive, you can always rely on Auto Almanac’s numerous guides for that, and that includes locating the best auto repair services across Canada.

This time, we’re covering the east coast of Atlantic Canada in Halifax, a city known for its maritime history and the need for shops that cater well to repairing land transportation all the same.

Using different criteria to sniff out only the most professional and trustworthy examples, we narrowed down our search for your convenience. So without further ado, here are our reviews of the top auto repair shops in Halifax!

Speedy Auto Service Halifax Robie 

Address2714 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4N8, Canada
Contact Information+1 902-455-5487
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 5:30 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesOil Change, Brake Repair, Tires/Wheels, Exhaust/Mufflers, Vehicle Maintenance, Heating/Cooling, Steering/Suspension, Batteries/Electrical, Auto Glass Repair

Our Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Professional Experience9.5/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency8.5/10
Pricing and Quotations8.5/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Trusted business since 1980
  • Superb work quality
  • Features 8 service bays
  • Regularly offers promotions


  • Had cases of rude customer service
  • Not the best place for MVI

Speedy has been regarded as a reliable chain of auto repair shops all over Canada, and we’re glad to see that this remains true for its Halifax Robbie branch.

Compared to locations in other Canadian cities we reviewed in the past, Speedy at Halifax Robbie has been in the business for a while longer (since 1980 to be exact). To us, it means it has had enough time to earn the locals’ trust.

This particular shop also has 8 different service bays, which is not only impressive by itself, but also ensures that you have higher chances of not getting stranded for too long compared to other shops with half as many bays.

Since Speedy likes to keep its service offers pretty consistent for all its shops, you can expect to get promotions on the regular, such as free brake inspections and brake pad discounts.

We think this can really help keep certain costs low depending on what’s currently offered. However, the real value comes from the superb work quality that its mechanics easily showcase.

This also extends to the front desk staff members, who we highly appreciate for taking the time to ensure the comfort of customers, though there were still some reports of rude employees in the past.

In addition, the shop also doesn’t have the best history with its MVI (motor vehicle inspection) service, which can either be inaccurate, overpriced, or a mix of both.

Customer Reviews

Expect great service at a competitive price

“I called in short notice for an emergency repair. Even with a busy schedule they had me ready to go by the end of the day! Expect great service at a competitive price. I will be calling back for any fix.” – CrAv WaV

So trustworthy and honest

“My friend Steve referred me to Speedy Auto on robie when we first moved here in 2018. We’ve been going there ever since for all our car troubles because they are so trustworthy and honest. A few years back we had to get our Mazda checked out for a strange sound… turns out it was nothing but some loose bolts or screws… though they had spent quite some time diagnosing. They didn’t end up charging us anything. We really appreciated that!” – Ruby Ho

NAPA AUTOPRO – Kennedy’s (Kennedy’s AUTOPRO)

Address6389 Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS B3L 1A6
Contact Information+1 902-423-3555
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesLube/Oil, Engine/Repair, Electrical Systems, Smog/Emissions, Exhaust/System, A/C, Tune-Ups, Suspension, Radiator System, Brakes, Transmission, Body, Tire Inspection, Wheel Alignment, Tow

Our Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment8.5/10
Task Efficiency9/10
Pricing and Quotations9/10
Customer Service9.5/10


  • Has several NAPA certifications
  • Generally quick and efficient service
  • Gives detailed reports and photos


  • Small shop and limited parking
  • Received some complaints regarding expensive price quotes

A good way to start looking for a reputable auto repair service is to find one stamp with the “NAPA AUTOPRO” logo, and when it comes to Halifax, Kennedy’s Autopro is THAT auto repair service.

Other than possessing several NAPA certifications, Kennedy’s is also recognized by the CAA (Canadian Auto Association), which we think gives a quick background of its legitimacy and trustworthiness as a business you can entrust your car.

But while such things are nice to have, actions still speak louder than words, and it’s great to see all the shop’s mechanics and staff members working like a well-oiled machine to maintain high standards of service.

We also like how their attention to detail while working on tasks also carries over to communicating with customers, as this shop is also quite notable for its detailed reports and photos of the inspection or repair.

With that said, even with the high level of competency demonstrated by the shop, Kennedy’s still has its fair share of unsatisfied customers who mostly complain about either expensive quotes post-inspection or unnecessarily long waiting times.

We reckon this is the downside of having a small shop and very thorough inspections, but on the contrary, we also heard plenty of cases when the actual costs never go over what was initially quoted. Either way, always double-check what’s written down.

Customer Reviews

One of the best auto services experiences I’ve had across Canada

“Pat was wonderful to deal with, gave facts straight to us and informed on what was needed to get home to British Columbia. Very reasonably priced, and quick turn around. One of the best auto services experiences I’ve had across Canada” – Caitlin Iddins-Babin

Very friendly and could not have been more helpful

“The team was great to get me in for a last minute fix before taking off for the weekend. Very friendly and could not have been more helpful. Will be taking all of my mechanic business to Kennedy’s from now on!” – Aaron Welsh

Cheapy Tire and Automotive Services Ltd.

Address302 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1H1, Canada
Contact Information+1 902-469-3253
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PMSaturday: 7:30 AM – 1 PMSunday: CLOSED
ServicesAir Conditioning Repair, Batteries, Belts/Hoses, Brake Repair, Engine Repair/Diagnostics, Front End Work, Preventative Maintenance, Oil Changes, Radiators, Suspension Repair, Tire Balancing, Tire Repair, Tire Rotation, Tune Up, Wheel Alignments

Our Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency8.5/10
Pricing and Quotations9.5/10
Customer Service8.5/10


  • Highly trusted tire shop
  • Very competitive prices
  • Services a wide variety of vehicles


  • Walk-ins only
  • Some instances of rude customer service

Cheapy Tire is a good example of a shop that lives up to its name very well. So much, in fact, that it is one of the most trusted tire shops in all of HRM.

But let’s not forget the second part of its name. Apart from its fantastic offers for all kinds of tires, it’s also a very capable shop for any other kind of automotive service you typically expect out of a full-service auto repair business.

This is a shop that’s also been around since 1992, so it isn’t exactly an unheard-of or inexperienced team of mechanics. We’ve had the pleasure to see them in action and they’re nothing short of professionals.

Naturally, a shop with this kind of expertise is also proficient in working on a wide variety of makes and models, and as time goes on, the list just becomes even longer with the inclusion of more modern automotive knowledge.

Based on our observations, Cheapy’s team is quite friendly and accommodating even during busier hours. However, we regard it as still far from perfect due to occasional instances of rude customer service and that it never replies to negative Google reviews.

Keep in mind that it also doesn’t take any reservations or appointments, which means you’ll have to walk in early to finish earlier, especially since it can get very crowded and it doesn’t have the biggest facilities either.

Customer Reviews

Very happy with the work and the price

“Our brakes started grinding on our way here for a vacation. We couldn’t schedule anywhere before we were leaving. We got in the queue at Cheapy’s the first morning here and were able to get them fixed before we had to drive home with them grinding. Very happy with the work and the price.” – Jane Cole

One of the most competitive tire shops

“These guys have been in business for decades and it shows. They are one of the most competitive tire shops in the HRM. Although the service is outstanding, they don’t take appointments so it’s first come, first served and you will have to line up early in order to be seen in a reasonable amount of time. I bought a set of Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires for my car and Cheapy Tire was the best price in all North America! I’ll go here again anytime” – total justice

Revolution Automotive

Address291 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Beechville, Halifax, NS B3S 0B9
Contact Information+1 902-446-7386 / [email protected]
Operating HoursMonday – Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PMThursday: 7:30 AM – 6:30 PMFriday: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesOil/Filter Change, Front/Rear Brake Services, Major Mechanical Inspections, Filter Inspections/Replacements, Tire Rotation, Tire Balance, Tire Change Over, Tire Replacement, Component Inspection/Adjustment/Repair/Replacement, TPMS Sensors, Complete Vehicle System Inspection/Repair/Replacement, Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Services, Non-Business Hours Drop-Off, Lubrico Extended Warranty Services, Nova Scotia Vehicle Compliance

Our Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency8/10
Pricing and Quotations9.5/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Offers several inspection services
  • Available Non-Business Hours Drop-Off option
  • Great alternative to dealership services


  • Tends to get fully booked
  • Sometimes doesn’t answer calls

Suppose a highly dependable auto repair shop in Halifax is what you’re looking for. In that case, we suggest checking out Revolution Automotive since it has never let us and hundreds of other customers down before!

While we do wish it had more entrances for actual vehicles to drive through, its facilities are relatively spacious and adequately equipped once you take a peek inside.

Because of how knowledgeable the shop’s team is in servicing and repairing many different vehicle brands, we think they’re a great alternative to the typical services offered by dealerships, which can be a bit more costly at times.

Should you own an older classic or vintage model, then that’s perfectly fine too since the mechanics also have you covered working on vehicles in this particular category.

Revolution Auto is also a popular go-to shop for all your inspection needs, and unsurprisingly, it’s quite comprehensive in that regard as well.

One thing that also stands out from this shop is that it has a “Non-Business Hours Drop-Off” service, which we think is a nice and convenient way to set an appointment while still having the option to drop off your ride after closing time.

We genuinely believe including that option was a very good call, considering this is a shop that’s also known for having limited time slots and failing to answer calls a bit too frequently for comfort.

Customer Reviews

Their report at the end was detailed and thorough

“We’ve recently had work done at 3 different garages and everytime, we felt like we were being hosed and lied to but not at Revolution Auto. The mechanic went for a drive with us in our vehicle to hear the sounds we were hearing and was able to give us his opinion on what needed work. Their report at the end was detailed and thorough. I think we’ve finally found a garage we can trust.” – Ashley H

Excellent customer service every time 

“I have been going here for over 6 years, figured it was time to write a review. Excellent customer service every time – thanks Max! Everything ranging from general oil changes to emergency alternator replacement to dent repair. Fair prices, and trustworthy service. Would highly recommend if you are undecided and are reading this review.” – Logan Fahey

Rapid Wheels 

Address299 Rocky Lake Dr Unit 13, Bedford, NS B4A 2S5, Canada
Contact Information+1 902-402-2882
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesMobile Services, Garage Services, Mechanics On-Call, Oil Changes, Tire Service, Tire Changes, Auto Repairs, Brakes, Batteries, etc.

Our Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency9.5/10
Pricing and Quotations9.5/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Provides convenient mobile auto services
  • Impressively fast turnarounds
  • Very professional and friendly crew
  • Good and transparent pricing


  • Some mechanics have been unprofessional

Rapid Wheels is a type of auto repair service that is just about as mobile and convenient as your car would be after the job is done!

Now while mobile auto services aren’t anything new, the level of professionalism and friendliness of this service’s crew definitely makes it stand out a bit more than you’d expect for an on-call type of business.

Initially, we were wondering just how many services it can do apart from those involving wheels and tires, especially since a repair van is limited in terms of “Facilities and Equipment” compared to a shop building.

However, we’re fairly impressed with the team’s capability to perform a lot of the same mechanical jobs usually associated with big repair shops. In fact, we think it outperforms a lot of shops in the quality of work as well.

Response time is a big factor for this type of repair service, and Rapid Wheels manages to pass with flying colors on that front by being quick to arrive and get the job done.

But despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback received by this company, realize that you’re not getting the exact same crew each time, and there have been a couple of unprofessional bad apples in their roster every now and then.

Customer Reviews

Fixed my car quickly and provided enthusiastic support

“I rarely write reviews for businesses, but this is an exception. I’ve thrice used Rapid Wheels’ service and am highly satisfied with the results. They fixed my car quickly and provided enthusiastic support from the start. I strongly recommend this place, and you will always be pleased with the service they provide. Big thanks to the whole team and I’ll definitely come back for further services!” – Tran Tuong Duong

One of the best automotive services in Halifax

“Raphael and his team did an amazing job on my car and hands down to one of the best automotive services in halifax. Quality job , Affordable and trust worthy guys. My first experience here. I was very well handled. My repair was well done at a very reasonable cost. No hesitation returning to them or recommending them to others.” – Shan Haneefa

Like many kinds of businesses out there, the market for auto repair services can be quite saturated with the number of shops that pop up on search results, but we know only a few can be regarded as the “best”.

Through this specific guide for the Halifax area, we’ve been able to pinpoint and review five such repair shops deserving of the top spots through criteria like professional expertise and customer service.

Now if you fancy finding similar shops in other places such as Victoria BC (Best Auto Repair Services in Victoria BC) or Quebec City (Best Auto Repair Services in Quebec City), you can also consider checking out Auto Almanac’s main directory (AutoAlmanac Auto Repair Services Main Location Directory Page) for more helpful guides!