The 5 Best Auto Repair Services in Quebec City to Choose From!

The 5 Best Auto Repair Services in Quebec City to Choose From!

Apart from having one of the richest French-Canadian cultures in the country and streets lined with cobblestone, Quebec City also has quite a number of repair shops for the daily driver.

But as with any bistro that claims to have the best take on the local cuisine, not every shop can give the same quality of work to your precious ride. 

So if you want to experience some of the best automotive care like no other, join us as we explore our top picks of the most magnifique auto repair services that the French capital of Canada has to offer!

NAPA AUTOPRO (B Lepage Auto Service Inc)

Address1733 Rte De L’aeroport, L’Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec G2G 2P5, Canada
Contact Information+1 418-872-4555
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesTires, Mechanical, Electric/Hybrid Cars, Alignment, VR (Vans/Recreational Vehicles) Space, Aesthetic Products

Our Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency9/10
Pricing and Quotations9/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Knowledgeable in any make and model
  • Part of the Napa Autopro Group
  • Great workshop etiquette
  • Nice and comfortable lounge area


  • Some mechanical tasks have higher quotes
  • Had cases of bad tire storage and sales

If you’re in search of one of the most recognized shops in the area that adheres to high standards of car services, then bring your ride to B Lepage Auto Service Inc.

Being part of the popular Napa Autopro group, B Lepage operates with many highly trained mechanics and technicians taken under its wing, which we think spells good news for you and your vehicle.

Its skillful team not only looks good on paper but has also proven its expertise time and time again across the various repair and maintenance services the place offers.

We can also tell that the people working here treat their own workstations with the same respect as the cars they work on. Everything is relatively tidy even with multiple cars inside the shop and up on the lifts.

Tasks are done in a considerably efficient manner and prices are also not too shabby, though on rare occasions, some mechanical tasks are quoted higher. There have also been times when it sold “new” tires that already significantly aged in storage.

With that said, customer service is still very much a priority for B Lepage. We can say that the staff values transparent communication and will go the extra mile to remedy any situation.

Customer Reviews

They work in the best interest of their customers

“I have had several vehicles (car, SUV and RV) inspected there before purchasing and each time I have been very satisfied with the work done. They are professional and courteous. We see that they work in the best interest of their customers.” – David Beaumier

This place is top notch

“This place is top notch from the minute I walked in to the time I left. Professional and caring, effective and timely. First time there not the last. Bravo definately a place when in need of car issues ,upkeep and repair. Truly grateful!:” – christina gauvin

Point S – Pneus Ratté Beauport 

Address437 Bd Armand-Paris, Québec, QC G1C 7R3, Canada
Contact Information+1 418-661-1212
Operating HoursMonday – Wednesday, Friday: 8 AM – 5 PMThursday: 8 AM – 7:30 PMSaturday: 8 AM – 12 PMSunday: CLOSED
ServicesOil Change, Air Conditioning System, Batteries, Electrical Circuit, Steering/Suspension, Diagnostics, Preventive/Recommended Maintenance, Brakes/Braking System, Wheel Alignment, Heavy Goods Vehicles, Truck Center, OTR Tires, Rustproof, Windshield, Accessories, Auto Aesthetics, Trailer Hitch, Roof Rack and Box, Program – Door to Door Privilege, Courtesy Car, Flexiti Financing, Online Appointment Booking, Commercial Fleet Maintenance

Our Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency8.5/10
Pricing and Quotations8.5/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Well-trusted mechanic for 90 years
  • Modern and tech-filled facility
  • Great for trucks and fleets
  • Open on Saturdays


  • Price quotes for some smaller tasks can be expensive
  • Had cases of bad wheel installations

Pneus Ratté is another well-known brand of auto repair services around Quebec City and the surrounding areas, and we found the Beauport branch on Armand-Paris to be one of its top-performing locations.

First off, we think Pneus Ratté Beauport has some of the best-looking facilities of any repair shop around town, even though its two front garage doors do give the illusion that the interior is smaller than it actually is.

It’s already a good thing that it has an extensive menu of services for the average car, but this shop is also noteworthy for its truck and fleet services, further extending its target market to business owners.

Regardless if it’s selling tires, maintaining an entire commercial fleet, or fixing one car at a time, it’s a generally dependable shop with professional mechanics and staff members who deliver great service around the clock.

But while we think its quality of service and prices are very much deserving of its 4.5-star Google rating, Pneus Ratté Beauport still has its fair share of flaws as with any repair shop.

Price quotes for even smaller tasks can be somewhat questionable at times, while there have also been cases of wheel installations that were of less-than-desirable quality.

Customer Reviews

They offered me impeccable service

“I have been a Ratté tire customer for a few years now, but usually I only have oil and tire changes done there. However, recently I had a huge problem with my vehicle and I had to have the engine changed in my 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan. They offered me impeccable service, a competitive price and the result is simply PERFECT. I bet I will return if I have any further mechanical issues. I strongly recommend them.” – Martin Ouellet

Professional and courteous service

“I got an appointment the same day and within the hour, for a flat tire. I was very surprised by their availability even though I did not have an appointment. It was repaired well and I was able to go back and do my errands. Professional and courteous service. I recommend.” – Michael Parent

M Mécanique 360 (1260 Bd Charest O)

Address1260 Bd Charest O, Québec, QC G1N 2E3, Canada
Contact Information+1 418-529-8121
Operating HoursMonday – Thursday: 8 AM – 5 PMFriday: 8 AM – 1 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesSteel and Alloy Mags, Alignment, Suspension and Steering, Tire Storage, Bolts, Nuts, and TPMS, Maintenance/Repairs, Suspension/Steering, Air Conditioning/Heating, Battery/Ignition, Exhaust/Catalytic Converter, Tires/Mags, Windshield, Parts/Accessories

Our Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency9.5/10
Pricing and Quotations8.5/10
Customer Service9.5/10
Upgraded modern facilitiesFriendly and service-oriented teamQuick and efficient workGenerally reasonable pricing
Closes earlier on FridaysPrice quotes for some services are more costly


  • Upgraded modern facilities
  • Friendly and service-oriented team
  • Quick and efficient work
  • Generally reasonable pricing


  • Closes earlier on Fridays
  • Price quotes for some services are more costly

M Mécanique 360 (formerly Monsieur Muffler) is a great auto repair shop of choice if you value having a team of accommodating professionals work on your car with purpose and transparency.

We always love to see places that reinvest their gains back into the business, and if you’ve ever seen what M Mécanique 360 on Charest Ouest used to look like several years ago, you’ll get what we mean.

But aside from its upgraded facilities and collection of modern automotive tech, this large shop also houses a crew of friendly and very service-oriented employees who are determined to earn every client’s business for years to come.

We’re quite fond of how quick and efficient the mechanics are in just about any work your vehicle requires. They also make it a point to give you different options instead of selling anything unnecessary, which earns our trust even more.

Going by this, it seems that they complement and maximize every tool or machinery the shop has quite well, though we can’t quite say that they’ve been perfect since the beginning.

Despite prices being quite reasonable for this place, certain services in the past have been more expensive than those of its competitors, and there were also a few customers who had to return due to the same issues resurfacing. 

Customer Reviews

Always able to help me out when I had emergencies

“Each time, I was impressed by the service, their professionalism and the feeling that they really wanted to help me. They were always able to help me out when I had emergencies. Thank you for your proactivity!” – Sonia Lafrance

10/10 for the service

“I went there today to have a leak on my muffler repaired and I received more than impeccable service! They take the time to suggest several options available to you according to your budget and bring you into the garage to show you what repairs need to be done on your vehicle. 10/10 for the service I recommend!” – Jérémie St-Pierre

Centre de l’auto Roch Guillot (768 Rue D’Aiguillon)

Address768 Rue D’Aiguillon, Québec, QC G1R 1M7, Canada
Contact Information+1 418-661-6462
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesSuspension, Steering, Brakes, Engine Block, Engine Diagnosis, Electronic, Transmission Air Conditioning, Exhaust System, Alignment, Differential, Windshield, Charging/Lighting System, Injectors, Tires/Rims, Asian Brands, American Brands, European Brands, Automotive Maintenance

Our Overall Rating: 9.6/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency9.5/10
Pricing and Quotations9.5/10
Customer Service10/10


  • Top-notch service crew
  • Good honesty and transparency
  • Recommended for emergency repairs
  • Great hospitality


  • Slightly more limited facilities
  • May easily get busier than other shops

Centre de l’auto Roch Guillot on Rue D’Aiguillon might not give off the same industrial vibes that the bigger places on this list have, but it’s a top-tier shop for all of your auto repair needs if we’ve ever seen one.

While you could always visit the Ave Royale branch (as an honorable mention) should this location get a little too busy, we think it’s worth the wait. What the shop slightly lacks in space it more than makes up for in fantastic all-around service.

Nothing but the best hospitality awaits you at this auto repair shop, which managed to build a small team that’s not only big on customer service but also big on professional expertise regarding any make and model out there.

If you’re ever in a hurry, then we also recommend Roch Guillot for emergency repairs owing to its proactive communication and quick turnaround times with no expenses spared to achieve the same quality work it’s known for.

Pricing and labor fees are another thing we’re glad that this shop is able to keep at a reasonable amount, making them quite a hotspot for car owners in this part of town. On that note, we suggest being an early bird if you can.

Customer Reviews

This garage offers exceptional service

“I didn’t think I would rate a garage positively one day because I have often had bad experiences, but this garage offers exceptional service; welcoming, friendly and, with them, you don’t feel stupid for not knowing the engines. They really had my trust when they “refused” to do a very expensive repair knowing that there was a much simpler and free solution. I strongly advise it!” – Jean-michel Cummings

Takes the time to provide quality service

“Friendly and professional team. Served by Jimmy at reception. He listens and quickly puts you at ease. He takes the time to provide quality service. Very satisfied. I highly recommend and plan to stay at this garage for my maintenance and repairs.” – Julie Gagnon

Garage Charlesbourg Certi-pro

Address514 Boul. Louis-XIV, Québec, QC G1H 4N9, Canada
Contact Information+1 418-627-0058
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesNew Tires, Brakes, Alignment, Inspection, Mechanical Maintenance, Pre-Registration, Air Conditioning, Aesthetics, Windshield, Other Mechanical Services

Our Overall Rating: 9/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9.5/10
Task Efficiency8.5/10
Pricing and Quotations8/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Impressively equipped for the shop’s size
  • Services a large variety of vehicles
  • Professional and courteous team
  • High-quality windshield services


  • Price quotes for some jobs can be expensive
  • Botched a few jobs in the past

A love for cars of all shapes and sizes mixed with the determination to get them back on the road is what makes places like Garage Charlesbourg Certi-pro stand out from your average repair service.

We think it was the best business decision for Certi-pro to completely revamp the place to have 5 service bays. Sure, other places can house more cars, but it’s already impressively equipped as it stands now.

This allowed the shop to add even more services to its offerings, and this includes partnering up with Vitrxpert for windshield repairs and replacements, which it undoubtedly excels at.

Communication is also a strong point for Certi-pro, and even if you don’t speak French at all, the mechanics and other staff members ensure that every diagnostic and repair job is explained to the customer in detail.

In our opinion, this place can definitely offer a great price-to-quality ratio, but at the same time, we make it a point to not let any of its past hiccups slide.

Even after having the shop renovated, Certi-pro doesn’t have the best history of price quotes in that they can be quite expensive, and it apparently botched a few jobs in the past according to other customers we talked to.

Customer Reviews

No bad surprises and very friendly and welcoming people!

“I appreciate a garage that has a replacement vehicle. It allows me to better organize my life and not waste time while having the peace of mind of knowing that my vehicle is in good hands! No bad surprises and very friendly and welcoming people!” – Martine Pellerin

I recommend them without a shadow of a doubt

“I would like to thank the owner of the CERTIPRO garage in Charlesbourg, Mr. Christian Duval and his entire team in particular, Mr. Philippe Vézina, for their exemplary professionalism. Their skills as mechanics and administrators are worthy of mention. What’s more, the prices are among the most competitive in Quebec. I recommend them without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you, Messrs. Duval and Vézina.” – Michel Lévesque

Finding the right auto repair shop to entrust your vehicle to can make all the difference, as the last thing you need is to dump even more money on a problem the last place failed to fix.

But as we learned from this guide to the best auto repair services in Quebec City, you can narrow down your search using useful criteria such as customer service, professional experience, and pricing.

What’s more, is that the same thing can be said if you were to search for similar shops in other cities like Montreal (Best Auto Repair Services in Montreal) and Toronto (Best Auto Repair Services in Toronto). If you’re ever interested in finding the best repair shops elsewhere, then check out Auto Almanac’s main directory (AutoAlmanac Auto Repair Services Main Location Directory Page)!