5 Best Auto Repair Services in Toronto to Take Your Car To!

5 Best Auto Repair Services in Toronto to Take Your Car To!

There’s no lack of auto repair shops across Toronto at all, but when it comes to taking care of your pride and joy, it should only be handled by some of the best in the business.

Whether it be an annoying rattling sound from underneath or a pesky check engine light, well-trained mechanics from a trustworthy shop will have a keen eye for any possible culprits.

Hence, we’ve gathered five of the best auto repair services in Toronto that you and your ride deserve!

Master Mechanic (High Park Branch)

Address2 Howard Park Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 1V5, Canada
Contact Information+1 416-532-2449

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PMSaturday: 8 AM – 1 PMSunday: CLOSED
ServicesOil and Filter Change, Multi-Point Vehicle Health Inspection, Wheel Alignment, Safety Checks, Tune-Ups, Brake Repair, Diagnostic Testing, Transmission/Drivetrain Repairs, Check Warning Lights, Suspension Repairs, Steering/Front-End Repairs, Air Conditioning/Heating Repairs, Muffler/Exhaust Repairs, Battery Replacement, etc.

Our Overall Rating: 9.6/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency8/10
Pricing and Quotations10/10
Customer Service10/10


  • Award-winning repair shop for 7 straight years
  • Professional and accommodating staff
  • Fair and competitive price quotes
  • Pet-friendly business


  • Busier shop on average
  • Longer waiting times

Master Mechanic is one of the most well-known auto repair services across Toronto, but among all of its branches, the one that stood out the most for us (and many other satisfied customers) is the High Park branch.

The shop prides itself upon being crowned by NOW Magazine as the “Best Car Service in Toronto” for seven years in a row, which we find very impressive and sets the bar high for other competitors.

Just looking at the list of services it offers alone already gives you a sneak peek of just how versatile it can be, all while having very fair and competitive price quotes. It also doesn’t try to upsell you anything either, which is a big plus.

The mechanics are quick to diagnose and remedy just about any issue thrown at them, whether it be electrical or mechanical. We think this speaks volumes of just how experienced and masterful they are at their craft. 

Even the folks over at the front desk are a delight to work with, very accommodating, and make an effort to answer any customer queries. They give off a very community-oriented vibe when it comes to taking care of you.

We also love that they went the extra mile to make the shop look unique and colorful with all the different murals and artwork. And did we mention that the place is also built to be very pet-friendly?

However, since the High Park branch is one of the most popular Master Mechanic locations around Toronto, its schedule can get pretty jam-packed to the point that you’ll have to wait two to three weeks.

Customer Reviews

Very trustworthy

“Fantastic service very trustworthy. I’m from out of town and a student. Rui fit my car In with zero notice to check my brakes…..they were fine but their expert eye found a broken leaf spring. Both rear springs were changed out right away and he had me safely back on the road. Honest fair pricing thank you!!!!” – Wendy Basisty

Always looking out for their client’s best interest

“Professional, friendly and always looking out for their client’s best interest. We do all our regular maintenance here, from oil changes to winter tires but they’ve really come through on items that aren’t routine but needed to be addressed. Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you!” – Jessica Cheung

Active Green + Ross Tire & Automotive Centre (#110 Gerrard St. E.)

Address110 Gerrard St. E., Toronto, ON M5B 1H1, Canada
Contact Information+1 416-977-7401 / (647) 694-8351
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PMSaturday: 8 AM – 5 PMSunday: CLOSED
ServicesAlignment, Battery, Brake Service, Dashboard Indicator Lights, Exhaust, Heating/Cooling, Suspension/Shocks, Air Conditioning, Belts and Hoses, Oil Change, Tune-Up, Vehicle Maintenance, Wheels and Tires.

Our Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Professional Experience9/10
Facilities and Equipment10/10
Task Efficiency8/10
Pricing and Quotations7/10
Customer Service10/10


  • Highly skilled in tire services and repairs
  • Has the best winter tires around
  • Honest and transparent service
  • Great customer care


  • Can get busy at times
  • More pricy quotations on average

Active Green + Ross (AGR) over at 110 Gerrard St. is the place to be if you’re looking for the best tire specialists around, especially with winter tires. 

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all it has going for it, as there are plenty of other services available that it has a knack for.

Whether it’s oil changes or replacing a suspension component, AGR mechanics at this location are very efficient with any task at hand, so you really can’t go wrong with a shop that doesn’t waste your time. 

What we also appreciate about this shop is that it’s not afraid to be honest and transparent with you if it cannot take on any particular task. Rather, it’ll refer you to either your local dealership or another trusted shop.

With that said, the ease of access and popularity of this location also means it can get pretty busy at times. Even dropping off your car early doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have it fixed at the end of the day.

Price quotations can also occasionally be a bit on the higher end, and it can sometimes even feel like the damages are more expensive than they actually are once the repair bill comes.

Nevertheless, the staff is still very patient and willing to explain any details that a customer may need to be made aware of at first glance. Going by that, we think customer service is still top-notch at Active Green + Ross.  

Customer Reviews

Hassle-free experience

“After experiencing a leaky tire, I took it to Active Green+Ross. The technicians quickly identified and fixed the issue, restoring the tire’s pressure effectively. Jeff was incredibly helpful, providing clear updates on the repair process and keeping me informed every step of the way. The experience was hassle-free, and I left with a fully functional tire. Overall, a positive and efficient service.” – Mark

Outstandingly quick service

“Outstandingly quick service. I had a flat winter tire, they were able to fit me in during the busy winter swap season. Had me all fixed up with the Green and Ross tire warranty, got me a replacement winter tire installed in no time.” – R Bloomberg

Dupont Auto Repair

Address374 Dupon St., Toronto, ON M5R 1V9, Canada
Contact Information+1 416-839-0848 / 416-962-6666 / [email protected]
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PMSunday: CLOSED
ServicesAir Conditioning, Alignments, Alternator, Auto glass, Axles, Brakes, Carburetors, Check Engine Light, Clutches, Computer Diagnostic, Oil Change, Cooling System/Radiator, Drive Train, Electrical, Engines, Exhaust/Mufflers, Flushes, Fuel System, Inspection, Diagnostics, Lights, Tires, Wheels, etc.

Our Overall Rating: 9.3/10

Professional Experience10/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency8.5/10
Pricing and Quotations9/10
Customer Service10/10


  • Well-trained in working with different vehicle brands
  • Fair and upfront pricing
  • Fixes minor damages at no charge
  • Later closing times


  • Sometimes rushes smaller repair jobs
  • Smaller shop space

Dupont Auto Repair deserves a spot on this list owing to a very good mix of professional mechanics you can trust and treatment that makes you feel at home.

While not the most organized and aesthetic-looking shop out there, Dupont does a superb job of meeting and even surpassing your expectations of what a capable auto repair service can look like.

Mechanics from Dupont are amazingly skilled in working with all types of makes and models. Never mind if it’s domestic or import, as we’ve found out that you’ll be getting the same great quality service either way.

Now we know how much time getting your car fixed takes out of your day, which is why we’re glad to know that this shop also knows how to manage its time even with a tight schedule.

However, there have been some instances where it tends to rush smaller repair jobs, like patching up a tire or replacing a brake lamp switch, which can end up with you taking your car back to the shop anyway.

The silver lining in this is that they do offer to fix minor damages at no charge at all, a nice way to reassure and keep your clients coming back, in our opinion. 

Customer Reviews

Professional, knowledgeable, and quick.

“I would give these guys 10 stars if I could. Moazam and his team are professional, knowledgeable and quick. I have taken both domestic and German cars there and they were equally proficient with all makes and models. Plus the pricing is fair. A gem of a shop hidden in the middle of Toronto!” – Rizwan Malik

Conducted their business with compassion

“Both the gentlemen who worked at the shop were fantastic. Moazzam was very professional and made me feel like he cared about my car. Quick, quick work and very reasonable pricing. The men conducted their business with compassion you rarely see in Toronto with auto shops. Will absolutely be telling my family to come here for any car troubles. You guys are legends, thank you!” – Tom Byckowski

Starling Automotive

Address15 Carlyle St., Toronto, ON M5T 2R3, Canada
Contact Information+1 416-603-2772
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PMSaturday – Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesBrakes, Domestic and Import, Engine and Transmission Performance, Exhaust, Fuel Injection, Repair and Service, Steering, Suspension, Tires.

Our Overall Rating: 9.3/10

Professional Experience9/10
Facilities and Equipment9/10
Task Efficiency9.5/10
Pricing and Quotations10/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Great shop atmosphere
  • Very friendly and professional team
  • 25-year-old family-run business
  • Relatively low costs


  • Cannot install parts bought from third parties

Customers who love classic vintage vibes and auto repair services you can depend on can come on over to Starling Automotive owned and led by Mike Roth.

By just walking into the place, you’re already greeted with a very positive atmosphere by a team that is passionate about what they do, which is a very good sign for any business.

Sure, it’s not the biggest shop out there in terms of following or floor area, but it’s rare to come across something like Starling Automotive that’s as humble as it is professional.

It also doesn’t seem to have as extensive of a list of services compared to other shops, but this doesn’t deter us much due to how thorough and detail-oriented its mechanics are regardless of what ride you pull up in.

What is a bummer to us, however, is that it does not accept doing labor for parts bought by the customer elsewhere to avoid warranty and liability issues. Hence, you’ll have to settle for whatever part they recommend or go someplace else.

Other than that, it’s still a relief that the mechanics and other staff members take the time to give detailed explanations about the task at hand and do their utmost best to keep the costs as low as possible.

Customer Reviews

Great service and very friendly team

“Very happy to have found this place. Great service and very friendly team. Talking with multiple customers who all highly recommend their work with some loyal for close to 20 years.” – Steve Maxwell

Worked hard to keep prices low

“Mike and staff beyond amazing. Car vandalized twice and immediately assisted me and went beyond expectations by cleaning up glass. Worked hard to keep prices low while doing exceptional quality work. A quality owner and quality place. – Dale Lutes

Speedy Auto Service (St. Clair Branch)

Address660 St. Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B1, Canada
Contact Information+1 416-657-1726 / [email protected] 
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM Saturday: 8 AM – 3 PM Sunday: CLOSED
ServicesOil Change, Brake Repair, Tires/Wheels, Exhaust/Mufflers, Vehicle Maintenance, Heating/Cooling, Steering/Suspension, Engine Service, Batteries/Electrical

Our Overall Rating: 9/10

Professional Experience9.5/10
Facilities and Equipment9.5/10
Task Efficiency7/10
Pricing and Quotations10/10
Customer Service9/10


  • Consistent and trustworthy service
  • Quick diagnosis of any issue
  • Lots of promotions throughout the year
  • Very reasonable price quotes


  • Earlier closing times
  • Can be disorganized during busier days

Located at the heart of Toronto, Speedy Auto Service at St. Clair is one of the go-to car repair shops with a reputable background for customer satisfaction since the 1980s.

Right off the bat, Speedy’s facility is well-equipped for its size, and it looks like the employees do an excellent job of maintaining the shop as they do for every car that comes in.

We’re glad that this is one of those businesses that has been very consistent in its performance for how long it’s been in the industry. This proves how dedicated the entire team is to giving the clients what they paid for.

Speaking of paying for repairs, Speedy also gives one of the most reasonably priced quotes for both minor and major issues. The owner himself, Carl, is also very honest and doesn’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need.

What’s more is that Speedy even gives promotions regularly, such as $50 off on brake pads and even free brake inspections. We think this makes it an even better bargain to have your car serviced here.  

But while the shop is open six days a week, it still closes earlier than the other shops on this list, which can make for a slightly smaller time window for them to work on your car, especially on busier days.

When things do get quite busy at Speedy, the staff can get a little disorganized, and if you’re unlucky enough, they’ll even forget to work on your car unless you remind them. To us, it sounds like a classic case of biting off more than you can chew.

Customer Reviews

Honest, thoughtful, and affordable service.

“I’ve brought my car in here a few times. I have a 20 year old SUV so sometimes it needs a bit of extra attention. Every time I’ve had such a positive experience. They offer honest, thoughtful and affordable service.” – Clare Shrybman

Extremely honest service

“Excellent. Carl was super kind. My car had its check engine light on, they found the problem and told me it was very minor, maybe not even worth fixing. Extremely honest service.” – Kleber Stangherlin

There are many potential auto repair services that you can take your car to, but only a handful of them can give you the best experience and value for your money.

Ideally, you’d want to find a reputable shop that is known for its automotive expertise, doesn’t have extortionate price quotes, and upholds great customer service to any car owner who comes in.

We’ve also learned that shops that possess such qualities can be found in Toronto, and the good news is, there are plenty more in our main directory (AutoAlmanac Auto Repair Services Main Location Directory Page)  for other cities like Montreal (Best Auto Repair Services in Montreal) and Vancouver (Best Auto Repair Services in Vancouver) as well!